Hi, we're míatomi

We provide
business & technology risk consulting services.

About Us

MíaTomi is a consulting firm that delivers deep expertise and insights based on years of experience helping clients.

We've served clients across industries and geographies, ranging from mid-market organizations to global leaders.

We apply our skills and experience with a tailored approach to truly understand our clients’ needs, and develop practical solutions that result in outcomes that our clients feel good about.

Our consulting solutions focus on business problems in IT System Continuity (also known as IT Disaster Recovery), Business Continuity Management, Program and Project Management, and Technology Business Management.

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Our Vision

To make
our client’s lives
a little better.​

Our Mission

To work with our clients
to anticipate their risks,
before they become
their problems.​

Sleep better knowing your business is safe.


If you have a process
that helps you identify
a problem or crisis
that is happening now,
that's good.

If you have a process
that helps you identify
a problem that you're
going to have
that's great!

“The first step in solving a problem,
is recognizing that a problem exists.”​

Many business leaders significantly underestimate the growing gap between their perceptions of risk and how exposed their organizations really are to business & IT risks.

This is especially true for organizations focused on meeting audit or regulatory requirements.

While these organizations often get the desired “audit checkmarks”, in many cases these investments produce limited tangible outcomes.​

In other words, they have very little to show when it comes to actual capabilities.

For business leaders to avoid being blindsided by a problem, or to prevent waking up and finding themselves on the front page of a newspaper as a result of some business disruption, they need to “close the gap” between their perceptions of risk and their actual risk exposures.

Find out more about how MíaTomi can help you stay prepared & safe.

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